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Oh My Lucky Stars!

Growing up, and staying young...



M E: I'm probably the nicest person you'll meet with a bit of a potty
mouth. I was born in Newark and have been missing it ever since.
Currently I'm a junior senior in college and nothing scares me more
than graduating and growing up.

L O V E S: My list of interests, Disney, LUSH, my family,
and too many other things...

H A T E S: Vegetables, sour candy, rude people, hot weather.

M O V I E S: JEEZ... ♥ Aladdin ♥ Big Daddy ♥ Billy Madison ♥ Bubble Boy
♥ Buffalo 66' ♥ Can't Hardly Wait ♥ Clueless ♥ Crash ♥ Dick Tracy
♥ Donnie Darko ♥ Edward Scissorhands ♥ Fallen ♥ Garden State ♥ Ghost World
♥ Interstella 5555 ♥ Jackass the Movie ♥ Jarhead
♥ Kill Bill ♥ Peter Pan ♥ Pumpkin ♥ Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion
♥ Se7en ♥ Sin City ♥ Sixteen Candles ♥ The Breakfast Club ♥ The Iron Giant
♥ The Lord of the Rings ♥ The Sandlot ♥ Tank Girl ♥ Titanic ♥ Wayne's
World ♥ Weird Science ♥ Wet Hot American Summer

Just to name a few... :]

M U S I C: All music. No joke.

i'm in gryffindor!
be sorted @ nimbo.net