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August 2007

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Friends Only?!

Adventure Time


Hi I added you back if you'd like to add me :D


um hi..i love the lauout...do you think i could use the code for it?

Sure, here! I didn't make it though. You can get more layouts, icons, and wallpapers like it at potterpuff_fans.

The layout code itself can be found at http://www.livejournal.com/community/potterpuff_fans/35471.html

Hope that helps, if not ask again and I'll be happy to help!
its from Mizuno Junko..but I added the fair sea maiden part. Your welcome to snag it, just please credit :)
yes maam, I sure will! ^_^
i really love that cho chang thing in your userinfo.
do you have any other ones like that, or know where i can get them?


The art itself is made by potterpuffs. You should definetly check it out! It's basically a combination of the powderpuff girls and Harry Potter! As for Cho herself there are more glittered people inspired by potterpuffs here:


potterpuff_fans is a community dedicated to making icons, banners, ect. featuring potterpuffs art.
You should definetly check it out, and tell me if you liked it!


Re: !

oh my gosh those are soo great.
i wish there was one of sirius black, or the black dog he turns into.
and of course lupin, whom i love.

Re: !

oh there is! you probably just have to keep going back to the earlier entries! I'm not sure there's one of him as a dog but I'm sure there's one of Sirius!

Re: !

alright i'll look.
i'll probably end up missing it because im dumb.

Re: !

lol, o no you're right! She took down her old entries! I wonder why...

But, you can find Sirius and Lupin puffs here where she keeps pictures of all of them!


Just scroll down for thier names!

Hey, I found your journal from the Ai Yori Aoshi community. I love that anime. Are you into any others?

Add me?
Sure, I'd be more than happy to add you! And I love Ai Yori Aoshi even though I've only recently been watching Animes and So far I've only seen all of Ai Yori Aoshi, Ah! My Goddess, Chobits, and some Sailormoon :] I liked all of them so far and so if you've seen any you'd like to recommend please do!!

Try Fruits Basket and Midori no Hibi. They're really good.
Will do!! Thanks!
Dual! and Tenchi are the greatest animes EVER... lol. Jubei Chan and the Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch is pretty funny though.
ok so check it out-- I made a few different versions, if you want something different, just ASK! I keep all my files, and you won't hurt my feelings. Your icon, your happiness ;)

How could I forget all about Tenchi!! I love that Anime! But not as much as I love this icon!!! I'm taking the first one and crediting of course!! Thank you SO MUCH for the icon and the suggestions I will definetly look around for it!!! I am totally in love!

Please recommend me to your friends and/or if you need anything else come to me-- i absolutely adore doing requests (I lack creativity myself :( )
I've got alot of spare time ;)
I absolutely will!!
Love your banner. Anyway just wanted to let you know that won trivia so if you would like your prize please email me at RBrandt87@gmail.com with your mailing address and which character you choose.

You can choose from...

* Daffy
* Bugs
* Porky
* Tweety
* Elmer Fudd
* Sylvester
* Pepe Le Pew
* Taz
* Marvin the Martian
* K-9
* Any Duck Dodgers Characters
* Tom or Jerry (from Tom and Jerry)

Also, if there is something that you do want that's not of this list then let me know and I'll check availability. Congrats


Did you get my email? If you needed my name it's Delilah :]

Please tell me the DAY you send it out so I know when to expect it!! *is still obviuosly very excited*

Re: Thanks!

Haha, cool. They will be going out this week. Probably Friday. I did get your email.


Re: Thanks!

:] I know I'm a bit of a pest but did it happen to get sent that day? I hope they weren't sent yet rather than me still not having recieved it after it's been mailed! *yup, still excited*
joey__bug, known on LJ as joeybug, recently stole a snorkle snout I lent out to him. I suggest you take him off your would-trade lists.
Eek! What's a would trade list! (?) 0.0